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Children with special needs in Rivne receive a new building


The Rivne regional Social Adaptation Centre for Children with Special Needs “Pahinets” [the word means young buds, growing generation] has been given a new building.

The Early Intervention Educational and Social Rehabilitation Centre for Special Needs Children (the Pahinets Centre) will work from the former pre-school children’s home on Olena Teleha Street.  Although the City Executive Committee has still to sign all the documents, it is hoped that at least four groups of children can begin the new school year on 1 September in their new location.

The special feature of the centre is its integrated nature: children with special needs study in groups with other children as part of a joint Ukrainian – Canadian programme.  Children with special needs, with Downs Syndrome, and sometimes children who have been in accidents begin here at a very early age. Specialists believe that an integrated system develops in all children greater tolerance and awareness of others’ special needs, while such a centre enables children with special needs to find a place in society from birth.

Up till now the Centre had to share space with a city kindergarten.  The Centre will accommodate around 200 children.

Based on information from www.zik.com.ua

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