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Prohibition of discrimination

Ukraine joins the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its Optional Protocol


On 24 September 2008 in the UN Headquarters in New York President Yushchenko signed the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its Optional Protocol.  The Convention contains 50 articles aimed at protecting and encouraging rights of disabled, eliminating discrimination, ensuring rights for employment, health protection, education and full participation in the life of society, and also access to justice, personal inviolability, freedom from exploitation and misuse and freedom of movement

In reporting this news, the Head of the National Assembly for the Disabled of Ukraine Vitaly Sushkevych thanks all civic associations for people with disabilities who took part in drawing up provisions of the Convention and sent appeals to the President and National Deputies stressing the need to sign this Convention. He is convinced that the Convention and Optional Protocol will help improve the situation for millions of Ukrainians with disabilities and will enhance the effectiveness of State policy in this area.

Based on information at: http://naiu.org.ua/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1


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