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Concern over threat to external assessment


The Civic Network OPORA and the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] have issued a statement expressing outrage over statements made by the Deputy Prime Minister V. Semynozhenko on introducing double standards during the application period for getting into higher educational institutes this year. The abolition of compulsory external assessment and introduction of additional entrance examinations would devalue the role of the testing as an instrument for achieving equal access to higher education.

If the actions of the new regime follow the statements made, this will be a step backwards in the educational reform of recent years. Such new moves will result in a result of corrupt practices when applying to higher educational institutes and a double psychological load on school leavers.

OPORA and CVU see the need for further improvement of the system of external assessment and the procedure for admission to institutes exclusively on the basis of the results of this external testing. We are ready to carry out as public as feasible observation over external assessment and the application period for getting into institutes and provide society with unbiased information regarding its running.

OPORA and CVU, together with other civic organizations are initiating an information mobilization campaign aimed at supporting anti-corruption reforms in education, retaining compulsory independent assessment of those applying for institutes and integration of Ukrainian higher education into the European educational milieu.

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