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Social and economic rights

Tax “Special Forces” for Ukrainians


Parliament has passed as a base a law which will give the tax police more power. The authorities claim that the creation of specially trained units of the tax police will make it possible to counter organized economic crime. The opposition sees it as a strengthening of repressive levers of influence on business.

The law if passed and signed by the President would give the State Tax Service besides the tax police it already has, specially created new divisions.

The draft law’s authors claim that this is needed so as to uncover and stop unlawful behaviour by inter-regional criminal gangs.

Opposition Deputy Anatoly Hrytsenko proposed a bill which would eliminate the tax police altogether, however this was rejected.

During the discussion of the draft passed as a base, Mr Hrytsenko say that it was introducing a “tax spetsnaz” [Special Forces unit]. He asserts that this shows that the government is not intending to use tax incentives to stimulate economic growth, and that they are instead stepping up repressive measures to increase pressure on businesses.  He says that they have almost unlimited power and can stop and effectively destroy a business at any time.

From a report here:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/ukrainian/news/2010/07/100712_taxe_police_ukr_ob.shtml

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