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Some conclusions on the recruiting campaign of spring-2000

Mariya Shutaliova, Kharkov
During the spring and autumn recruiting campaigns of 2000 representatives of the Kharkov Union of soldiers’ mothers took part in the work of the recruiting commission, where the reports of military commissars of many districts of the city and oblast were delivered.

The main problems, which arose during the campaign were the recruiting of the sick and non-coming of recruits to recruiting commissions.

The problems with the sick were, after all, somehow solved: they were given the opportunity of the additional medical examination, delays for treatment with the following examination to determine whether they became able-bodied. But the question of non-coming was comparatively new. When asked about the reason of non-coming the recruits referred to not receiving of call-up papers. The matter is that some changes and additions were introduced to the Ukrainian law ’On the total military duty and military service’. So, Article 15 of the new edition of this law stipulates: ’In the case of not receiving the call-up papers, recruits must come to recruiting commission during one month from the publication of the President’s decree’. I personally understand the boys, who cannot afford buying newspapers and thus are unable to learn about the President’s decree, which was published as early as in August. Besides, nobody instructed them on the changes and additions in the law, since in many schools there are no qualified teachers of military training. It is clear that such information must be conveyed to recruits-to-be by such teachers or teachers of jurisprudence. That is why in every educational establishment for younger pupils there must be ’a room of a recruit’. The necessary information concerning the operating laws concerning recruits and their rights, such as advice of the union of soldiers’ mothers, doctors and lawyers, must be available. Having in mind that one of the goals of the Kharkov Union of soldiers’ mothers is education, while the recruiting commissions are also interested in informing recruits, this form of informing recruits’ interested the military, who also would be able to convey the needed information to recruits. And during the work of the recruiting commission the oblast military commissar ordered to all heads of district recruiting commissions and district military commissars to participate at once in organizing such ’rooms of a recruit’.
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