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Eugene Zakharov, Kharkov
A book ‘Mezhdunarodnye mekhanizmy zashchity prav cheloveka’ (‘International tools for human rights protection’) by Ivan Lishchina, a juridical consultant of the Kharkov Group for human rights protection, an post-graduate of the National juridical academy of Ukraine, was published by the KhG jointly with the publishing house ’Folio’ in special issue No. 57 of the informational and analytical bulletin ‘Prava ludyny’.

The book is devoted to realization of part 3 of Article 55 of the Constitution. This article describes the situation when a Ukrainian citizen, having exhausted national facilities for rights protection, may resort to international tools for human rights protection. The book renders in details the way of organization and work of such tools, as well as the procedure of handing, by private citizens, the proper documents on the violation by a state of its international obligations to protect citizens’ rights and freedoms.

In particular the author describes the procedures and rules of addressing the European court for human rights, International committee for human rights and International committee against torture (a separate chapter is devoted to every one of these organizations). Universal and regional organizations for citizens’ social and economic rights are considered in details, as well as the tools for the complex protection of rights (the UNO commission of human rights, organizations fighting against race, sexual, national and other discriminations, institute of international ombudsmen, etc.).

Besides, some chapters of the book contain theoretic deviations and commentaries, concerning the definition of human rights, separate aspects and features connected with human rights protection on the international level.

One chapter is devoted to the definition of the juridical concept of ‘exhausting national facilities for rights protection’, which limits the opportunity to using the international tools for human rights protection.

The book was refereed by L. Zavadskaya (Moscow), a candidate of law, the head of the gender program of the American Association of lawyers in Central and Eastern Europe.

The book was published sponsored by the Program of the legal initiative of the American Association of lawyers in Central and Eastern Europe and the NED (USA).
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