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The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Daily toils of the Social Service of Ukraine

The Social Service of Ukraine is a voluntary public organization, whose activities cover the entire territory of Ukraine. The chief tasks of the organization are humanitarian, moral and intellectual aid to the population, especially to its least socially protected part. First of all, it concerns the following spheres:

•  aid to the sick, handicapped, old and lonely;

•  aid to families with many children;

•  aid to children, who suffered from the Chernobyl catastrophe;

•  restoration of old national customs and traditions;

•  all-sided intellectual and moral aid;

•  cooperation in international partnership programs;

•  support and promotion of Ukrainian schools;

•  cooperation with all people of good will in Ukraine and abroad.

The high administrative organs of the Social Service of Ukraine are the congress and the directorate that is elected at the congress. The current directorate rules 97 branches in all oblasts of Ukraine and the Crimea.

The main founders of the Social Service of Ukraine (SSU) are the World Council of the Social Service (headed by O. Daniliak) and the Social Service of Canadian Ukrainians (SSCU) (headed by M. Stebelska). They sponsor Ukraine through the funds ‘Aid to Ukraine’ and ‘One-dollar Fund’.

Now the joint project of the SSU and the SSCU ‘Charity canteens’ is fulfilled. One of the participants of this project is our district organization.

The SSU is open for cooperation with all public and political organizations, parties, public movements, religious unions that support state and the independence of Ukraine.

Gola Prystan district organization of the SSU began its activities in 1993 as a branch of Kherson town organization. Since 14 July 1994 the organization got a status of a district organization with its own statute, seal and bank account.

During the years of its existence the organization conducted charity activities rendering aid to lonely people, children and poorest. In particular we helped to:

•  the boarding school for mentally retarded children in Starosburyiv (principal M. Andriets);

•  geriatric boarding house of the Gola Prystan district (vice-manager S. Khrapko);

•  Gladkivka secondary school (principal V. Shchipak), Gladkivka hospital (head physician V. Zakharov).

We bought the needed medicine in the Gladkivka village drugstore No. 77 (manager S. Moroziuk) for poor families and families with many children, as well for victims of the Chernobyl catastrophe.

We also helped to inhabitants of the village of Tavriyska (head of local rada P. Shevchenko) and to the village secondary school (principle P. Pavliuk). We helped by giving them clothes obtained from the foundation ‘Counterpart’.

Financial aid was also rendered to some inhabitants of the district.

In November 1998 Ms. Nadiya Samuliak, the head of the SSU in Kyiv, visited our district. Jointly with coaches of the International organization ‘Women’s consortium’ she held training sessions on tender relations in the society for women of Gola Prystan and the villages of Gladkivka, Maly Kopani, Tavriyske, Nova Zbruevka and Stara Zbruevka. Ms. M. Stebelska, the head of the SSCU attended us on 12 September 1999. She visited the office of the district organization in the village of Gladkivka, visited the local church and communicated with the parishioners, participated in the procedure of the consecration of the church and the memorial to the victims of the holocaust of 1932-33.

The organization cooperates with the Fund of charity and health (A. Tiutiunnik), the fund ‘Saint Olga’ (O. Kornienko), the oblast branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine (D. Bely) and with the following international organizations: the Union of Ukrainian women in America (I. Krisa), the Fund ‘Counterpart International’, the National-democratic Institute. We are also establishing the ties with the organization ‘Cooperation initiative ‘Poland –USA – Ukraine’’.

In 2001 our organization works on the project of creating the consulting centers of volunteers for owners of land plots.

The goal of this project is the maximum increase of the quantity and activity of the family-owned farms by way of granting legal aid to the landowners in protecting their rights for land and by way of the pressure on the district authorities to make them observe laws in implementing the land reform.

The tasks of the project are:

•  creating the voluntarily consulting centers of volunteers for owners of land plots in every village of the district;

•  creating the volunteers schools for instructing land owners and their preparation for the work in the consulting centers on land reform;

•  legal aid to land owners in trials concerning the protection of their rights for land;

•  practical aid to shareholders in their relations with various inspections, funds and other agencies, as well as in compiling various reports.

We wish to enlighten farmers and thus increase their opportunities to influence the authorities and their decisions. To this end, we have created the above-mentioned consulting centers.

We are going to:

•  create the consulting centers in each village of the district;

•  publish and distribute among land owners booklets, brochures and bulletins on the land reform with the addresses and phone numbers of the nearest consulting centers;

•  cooperate with the district department of land resources and farmers organization;

•  organize the monitoring and analysis of the reasons of the refusal of peasants from their land plots and passing the plots to other people, as well as of the negative consequences of this phenomena;

•  create the database to account for the number of the individual farms and people, who want to organize such farms;

•  organize a mobile group of professionals for work as traveling consultants of the village centers and for the realization of the program ‘Enlightening literature and individual consultations to each family’

•  create a permanently working school of volunteers for the village consulting centers;

•  organize a series of radio transmissions about the state of the land reform;

•  organize a series of radio lessons for peasants on the topic ‘Concept of land in the Ukrainian peasant’s mind (history, literature, law)’

•  cooperate with independent lawyers, land distributors at village councils, specialists from the department of land resources and specialists from agrarian structures of the oblast.

In the framework of this project we published the booklets containing recommendations, which may be of help for the people, who are going to become farmers.

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