war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

A terrorist act in the Kirovograd oblast

Igor Stoliarov, Odessa
A loud explosion occurred in the town of Novoarkhangelsk of the Kirovograd oblast. The charge exploded in the yard of the house of Oleksandr Stepanov, the head of the Novoarkhangelsk district organization of the Ukrainian Republican Party (URP). Stepanov incurred material losses. The Kirovograd oblast organization of the URP considers that the terrorist act was a consequence of the struggle of the Novoarkhangelsk branch of the URP with the corruption among several top authorities of the district.

Since September 2000 O. Stepanov was repeatedly threatened through phone. In September 2000 he got stabbed and, as a consequence, he became an invalid of the 3 rdgroup. In May 2001 water in his well was poisoned. More than once he turned to law-enforcing organs, but there was no adequate reaction. The last explosion did not lead to the loss of human life only by a happy accident.

Not long before the explosion the oblast organization of the URP turned to the oblast administration in the connection with obvious violations of operating laws in the Novoarkhangelsk district. On 10 August 2001 the Committee of the oblast URP organization approved the appeal to Vasyl Motsnoy, the head of the Kirovograd oblast administration. In this appeal they proposed to dismiss Mr. Otrokusha, the head of the Novoarkhangelsk district administration, for his inability to fulfil his duties and for violations of operating laws.

The Kirovograd oblast URP organization turned to the heads of state organs and law-enforcing organs with the demand to establish order in the Novoarkhangelsk district, to draw corrupted authorities to responsibility, to find the executors and initiators of the explosion and to protect Oleksandr Stepanov and his family.

These demands were already endorsed by several oblast organizations and political parties.

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