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Crisis of the Western democracy (Abridged)

Viktor Biloded, Yuzhnoukrainsk
Wars and bursts of violence of the recent times all happen on the frontier of the Christian and Islamic worlds. The Moslem population is roughly divided into two groups: moderate (the author calls them nominal) and extreme. The members of the late population make a good generator of terrorists including kamikaze. No wonder: their life in this world is scanty and paradise expects them after death.
The beginning of the third millenium was expected by many as the end of the world. The expectations, however, came futile. Even the change of the date in computers did not cause the expected havoc. Nonetheless, the world did change in the third millenium. It is not exactly known who of politicians told these words, but now politicians one after another repeat the maxim.

In order to understand these important changes, let us mentally return to the events of 15 years ago. The Chernobyl catastrophe became an event of the world scale. The catastrophe accelerated the disintegration of the communist empire, it elucidated the lying essence of its political system, which, regardless of the fatal danger, continued to fool the irradiated population and the world public. The Chernobyl catastrophe proved once again that atom cannot be peaceful. It showed how small is our planet, and how close are the ties of Ukrainians, Russians, Byelarussians, Swedes, Poles, Germans, etc. Peoples are in the same boat. Nothing else could cool the hot heads of ‘hawks’ on the both sides of the iron curtain.

Disarmament. The end of the cold war. The end of the dictatorship of proletariat. The blood-red ‘ghost’, who wandered in Europe, according to Marx, died. However, at the fringes of the red empire numerous military conflicts appeared, like mushrooms after a rain: Nagorny Karabakh, Abkhazia, Chechnya and now Abkhazia again. It is not difficult to place the conflicts – they happen on the boundary of the Christian and Islamic worlds.

The terrorist acts of 11 September in the USA, like the Chernobyl catastrophe, shattered the entire world. The world suddenly understood the deceptive impression of the safety and global stability, the imperfection of the ideas of humanism and steady progress. The Statute of the UNO and its functions were suddenly forgotten, as well as the right for territorial integrity and sovereignty, and benefit of the doubt. Only the right of the strong remained. And mankind for the umpteenth time acknowledged the right for retaliation, and the fact of existing camps for training terrorist became a sufficient reason for the retaliation (although camps for preparing people of the same profession exist in almost every country). The concept of terrorism that has no distinct juridical definition became the excuse for an aggression. The latter term up to now was used to describe the fact of attacking a sovereign country. The situation is understood quite differently by many Asian people, who never watched TV and know nothing about the events of 11 September. Western politicians, commentators and lawyers are at a loss: ‘It is necessary to gather the conference under the aegis of the UNO in order to define what terrorism is’. It is too late, gentlemen. ‘The process has begun’, as Gorbachev used to say.

In fact, the process is lasting. Since in the international policy that declares principles of humanism and in the so-called ‘Western democracy’ a double standard is being used for a considerable time. Honestly speaking this is similar to the total deception like that about the Chernobyl catastrophe. That is the picture seen from below, by mere victims and witnesses. The difference is only in the scale.

Now another military conflict has appeared, this time in the vicinity of the modern powder barrel – the nuclear potential of Pakistan. The irreconcilability of the hostile countries is especially disturbing. On the one hand we have Islam, which demands from its followers to wage a permanent war with giaours, and on the other hand we have the formal Christianity, which is the basis of the Western outlook. Centuries of peaceful coexistence of the two religions inside many countries may be explained only by the nominal Islam. Let us explain this phenomenon with the example of nominal Christianity. In one of his stories L. Tolstoi told about a soldier, who drove off a beggar from the porch of an Orthodox church. A passing gentleman tried to shame the soldier: ‘Have not you ever read the Good Book?’. ‘No, sir’, answered the soldier, ‘I kissed the Good Book, but never read’.

Baptizing children, wearing a cross on the neck, an icon in a special room corner, eating painted eggs on the Easter – here is the nominal religion. But the soul is empty at that. There is no Christ in the heart, no peace and love to fellow creatures, no tolerance. Will such an individual sacrifice his life for another person, will he let to slap him on left cheek, as Christ taught? No. As well a nominal Moslem will never sacrifice his life, disregarding the promised bliss for those, who fell at a djikhad (war with unbelievers). A principally different approach to suicide must be mentioned. The Bible affirms that self-murderer get to the hell, Islam, in its turn, promises the paradise for those, who consciously gave their lives for Prophet’s just cause. This inspired the kamikaze terrorists.

Yet, except the toothless nominal beliefs, there exists religious fanaticism among followers of different religions. Fanatics are united by their refusal from the idea of love to fellow creatures and blind belief in their religious leaders. However, it is not the religious fanaticism that came forward today. Even among fanatics there are few people, who are ready to sacrifice their lives without any personal motives; the fear of death is stronger.

In order to understand completely the motives of behavior of kamikaze terrorists, who became danger No. 1 for the Western civilization, it is worthwhile to pay attention to reports of some Christian missionaries from Moslem countries. They witness that the forte of Islam lies not in the persuasiveness of Mohammed’s doctrine and even not in the extreme intolerance to Christianity, it is in the occult practice of Moslem leaders. That is in their communication with the spirits of darkness, souls of the dead and spirits of evil. All this is disgusting and sinful in the face of God. Common Moslems, living for ages among poverty and hopelessness, are prepared to joyfully accept the ideas of the next world bliss for the ‘warriors of Islam’. Yet, the very idea is insufficient, since there exists natural, given by the Creator, instinct of self-preservation. That is the place, where the supernatural forces intrude, which subdue man’s will trough occult practices. In fact, it is zombification. That happens not without human participation, so not all Moslems are occult-dependent. The number of Moslems is immense, and even is a tiny proportion of them are subjected to these occult practices, the danger is great.

Are bombs and rockets is an efficient treatment in this case? The danger of solving spiritual problems with weapons is obvious. Here only the spiritual struggle can help. Military actions will anger nominal Moslems and increase the number of fanatics. Having begun, a military conflict has no chances to finish.

Gefreiter Schiklgruber, more known under the pseudonym Hitler, presents a bright historical example of an occult-dependent politician. Unprecedented hatred of mankind, treachery and cruelty united with power, fanaticism of the nazi idea – all this finished with the suicide in the bunker. Not only the German people, but scores of millions of Europeans became victims of his political ventures.

Blaming the USSR for 15-year war in Afghanistan, the USA, in my opinion, will learn how hopeless is the plan to set democracy in the tribal society of Pushtu, even if the military operation as such will be completed soon. And no containers with the humanitarian cookies will help. By the way, it is very simple for backers of Osama bin Laden or talibs to put some explosive to such containers, and thus they will achieve a quite opposite result.

It should not be forgotten that opium poppies are massively cultivated in Afghanistan. If the USA cannot destroy the drug mafia in their own country, they would hardly be able to do it in an alien country. The participants of military and criminal clashes are often drug addicts, and that turns them into bio-robots with periodic top-up.

Finally, let us suppose that the suspected bin Laden really was not the organizer of the terrorist acts of 11 September. Then the organization headed by him will certainly begin to revenge. And the revenge will be directed rather not against the USA, the country with a mighty police system, but against the weaker and poorer countries- satellites, since it will be simpler.

The common Americans, not implicated in big policy, suffered from the terrorist acts. The peaceful Afghani population, women, children and old people, suffered from the bombardments. Hunger, cold, diseases and death of relatives awaits them. But do politicians have any alternative? Yes, they do. Ending his speech to the American people, the President said: ‘God bless America’.

I do not think so. If one reads attentively the Sermon on the Mount, one will see that bliss awaits peaceful and gentle, who acknowledge their spiritual poverty, miserable and poor. Jesus Christ’s friends were simple fishermen and tax collectors, people disrespected in the society. God awaits from the American people not a wave of patriotism, but confession of their sins and pacification. Errors in the world politics appear because the politicians recollect God too late, when the decision has already been taken, thus they violate the third Commandment.

It is hopeless to fight with the Islamic terrorism with bombs and rockets. Violence leads to greater violence. Christian God, on the contrary, declares love. This Christian value always pacified people. A war always generates injustice, violence, hate and bloodshed of the innocents. Wounds are bleeding for decades. It is impossible to return the killed and to heal the maimed. The only way of peaceful co-existence with the Moslem world is not only the preaching Christian love, but its real embodiment in the affairs of mercy, aid to the hungry and sick. That is the real assistance to the developing countries on the side of Western countries. There is not other ways to win the love of the Moslem world, to isolate kamikaze terrorists and to stop the danger of appearing new ones.

PL commentary:We cannot agree with one thesis of Mr. Biloded. The author, in our opinion, is mistaken in understanding the canonical Islam, taking it for a religion, which is potentially aimed at terrorism. In fact, terrorist organizations are as a rule created by the left-wing Moslems, who contradict to letter and spirit of the Koran, which categorically prohibits suicide and killing peaceful people.

They support national-socialist ideas and use the Koran as a shield, treating it in a way to suit their ideas. The world, as we see, has encountered now a version of national-socialism, which, unlike the one in German of the 1930s, has no distinct boundaries and general approaches for realizing its pretensions.

The terrorists distorted the notion of djikhad, which is, according to the Shariat, is a sacred duty of every Moslem to defend his country and his Moslem world from the outer aggression. The so-called fanatical ‘Islamists’ had no canonic religious grounds for the terrorist acts of 11 September 2001. Yet, having trespassed letter and spirit of the religious canon on that day, the fundamentalists obtained the retaliation from the USA in the form of bombs and rockets. Now, and here we agree with the author, the Moslem world may unite on the base of the canonic Islam, forgetting about the reasons of the cruel response at the side of the USA.
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