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Women’s rights: step by step.

The public humanitarian consortium ‘Geneza’ organized and held the round table on the topic ‘Women’s rights: step by step’. The round table gathered representatives of public organizations, in particular, women’s NGOs, whose activities are not restricted by Lviv and the Western region, but extends throughout Ukraine (such NGOs as ‘Vzaemodiya’, ‘Zhinka dlia zhinki’, ‘Zhinka i suspilstvo’, ‘Zhinochi perspektyvy’, ‘Vesta’, Association of the guides of Ukraine, League of women-voters, International Zonta-club’). Representatives of mass media and those research institutes, which carry some intellectual responsibility for solving the problem participated in the round table too. The round table was moderated by Diana Irash, analyst-researcher of the public humanitarian consortium ‘Geneza’. The media projects were coordinated by Taras Andrusiak, the head of the juridical commission of the NTSh, the head of the legal commission of the society ‘Prosvita’, the president of the foundation ‘Pravo dlia Ukrainy’, and Oksana Kis, a junior researcher of the Institute of national studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, a co-chairperson of the scientific research center ‘Zhinka i suspilstvo’.

Our informant , 5 October 2001

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