Journalists refuse to discuss the film „PR“

(Journalists’ appeal)

On 27 March the TV channel 1+1“ will show the film „PR“ by Peter Powel and Charles Clover with the further discussion of the film. This film, which is allegedly devoted to investigating the murder of Georgiy Gongadze and the sources of the „cassette scandal“ in Ukraine, was already twice shown on the TV channel ICTV. In our opinion, the film is an example of sly journalism, where the facts are fitted to one version out of several, and the chosen version is full of contradictions. The viewer cannot obtain complete and exhaustive information about the situation in Ukraine and about the death of G. Gongadze. At the same time the goal of this film is transparent and obvious: to compromise certain political forces. We also could not ignore the statements of some personages of the film that their words were distorted in the quotations given in the film. That is why we find impossible to participate in the advertisement of the film on the all-Ukrainian channel. The advertisement, which seems rather doubtful several before the election.

Our decision not to participate in the discussion was also influenced by the prohibition to invite our colleague Olena Pritula. We believe that this prohibition testifies that the „discussion“ will be a form of agitation, which was already demonstrated on the TV channel ICTV. We refuse to put a finger into such technologies.

Журналісти: Наталя Лігачова, Юлія Мостова, Марія Пирожук, Сергій Рахманін

Телекритика, 27 March 2002

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