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Our brave warriors got afraid…

Sergey Burov, Chernigov
This is the only way to evaluate their „over-carefulness“, when we – the public organization „M’ART“ – turned to the Commandment of the troops of the Northern military okrug. We suggested in writing to conduct the educational measures directed at the fulfillment of the state conception to increase the legal culture of the participants of election process for youths, who serve in the armed forces. We got no answer.

We suggested the training that we have already successfully implemented among students. The training is carried in the interesting from with using interactive methods. During the training its participants acquire the practical knowledge of the election procedure, the knowledge how to make the well-grounded choice and how to protect one’s voter’s rights.

The letter was addressed to General-major Oleg M. Shustenko, the Commander of the troops of the Northern military okrug. The latter was mailed on 29 December 2001 of outgoing No. 32. We were proposed to do so in the headquarters of the Commandment after our first, oral, address. Yet, we could not imagine that the Commandment would violate the Ukrainian Law „On citizens’ appeals“, which envisages the written answer to an appeal not later than in a month.

Having got no answer and having in mind the wise saying „Knock and your knock will be answered“, we resumed the oral negotiations. These negotiations conducted through telephones and from mouth to mouth with colonels and generals were very interesting. Sometimes we had an impression that they make reports to us. They told that a great work was being conducted: „voters’ corners“ were created, special training was conducted, etc. We were fooled for a long time: sometimes they referred to some mysterious checks, sometimes they promised to meet us and did not come or came very late. At last they appointed the day, when we, together with the headquarters representative had to develop the schedule of our work. We were told that an officer would be present at our training sessions, who would prevent us to break the main principle of our work – not to agitate for any political force or candidate. Yet, it seems they were not going to fulfil their promises, and, after all, we got a diplomatic refusal. It was a classical red tape.

So, what were our gallant warriors afraid of?
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