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What is Falun Dafa and what are the reasons of the repressions in China?

Igor Izevlin
The author expresses his indignation at the persecutions of the Falun Dafa followers by the Chinese authorities are described and the attitude of the Ukrainian authorities to these repressions.
Falun Dafa (the second name – Falungun) is a school of perfection of body and spirit following the fundamental principles of Truth, Kindness and Patience. It also includes five fluent exercises of the Chinese Chigun, the fifth of which is fulfilled in the lotus pose.

On 20 July 1999 the general secretary of the Chinese communist party declared Falungun to be outlawed and began savage repressions.


According to the results of the research conducted by the Chinese government, in the beginning of 1999 more than 70 million Chinese dwellers practiced Falungun – the number more than the number of the members of the Chinese communist party. On 20 July 1999 Tsian Tsiemin initiated the campaign of savage persecution of more than 100 million people, who practiced Falungun inside the country and abroad.

During the last three years the intimidation, torture and imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of Chinese citizens – Falungun adherents became a rather common phenomena. Thousands of people were thrown to prisons, concentration camps and psychiatric clinics. Millions suffered from intimidation and persecutions, lost their homes, families and jobs.

The number of the confirmed deaths of the Falungun followers was 526 during the period from 16 August 1999 to 4 February 2003. Yet, according the internal statistics of the government, the real number of the deaths reached 1600 in the end of 2001. We have the information that the real number of the deaths today is 2500. More than 100,000 of the Falungun followers were sent to concentration camps. On 4 July 2001 the Australian Broadcasting Company published the information that about a half of the people, who were kept in the camps, were practicing Falungun.

Chinese children also suffer from the repressions directly or indirectly. Van Lisuan, a 27-year-old woman practicing Falungun, who lived in the village of Nangou, was arrested and incarcerated for the appeal in the protection of Falungun. On 7 November 2000 she and her 8-month-old son Men Khao were tortured to death in the concentration camp Tuankhe in Peking. The forensic expertise showed that the cervical vertebra and pelvis of the woman were broken, cranium bones were concaved inside, and a needle was found in the lower part of her back. The boy had two deep scars on his ankles, two haematomas on his back and blood in the nose.

On 14 August 2001 the International Department of the Development of education presented the official appeal to the UNO: „ regime refers to the alleged incident of self-immolation at the Tian-An-Men Square on 23 January 2001 as the reason for unjust accusation of Falungun. Yet, we obtained the video record of this incident, which, in our opinion, proves that this act of self-immolation was organized by the government. We have the copies of this record, which we can distribute“ Considering this incident overflowing with the falsifications, the newly created World Organization for investigating the persecutions of Falungun stated on 22 January that the so-called self-immolation at the Tian-An-Men Square, which occurred two years ago, was the direct reason of tragic deaths of several people; the government of Tsian widely elucidated the incident, and that caused the intensification of the persecutions, from which hundreds and thousands of people suffered; in this connection the International Committee for investigating „ self-immolation on the Tian-An-Men Square“ was created, and it was announced that the investigation would start immediately, that is on the day of the creation of the committee.

From 15 November to 1 December 2001 the worldwide famous photo exhibition „ into the world of Falun Dafa“ had to be conducted in Kyiv. On the eve of the opening of the exhibition the manager of the club, where it was planned to be hold, phoned to one of the organizers and told that the exhibition was cancelled. It appeared that representatives of the Kyiv City administration visited the manager and ordered to cancel the exhibition, since any organization of Falun Dafa was not registered in Kyiv. The exhibition was organized by a private person, so the absence of the registration may not be a ground for prohibiting it. In the evening the Head of the city militia directorate came to the place of the exhibition. From the talk with this official we learned that the China Embassy sent the note to the City Administration concerning the exhibition. The manager of the club also received a copy of this letter. This was the second case, when the China Embassy exerted pressure upon the local state organs and hampered a photo exhibition in Ukraine. We want to remind that the first time was when, in the spring of 2002, the China Embassy issued the protest note in the connection with the photo exhibition in Cherkassy and the visit of Li Zhuykhuan, on the Chines leaders of Falungun, in Ukraine. After this note and the talk with representatives of the USS the manager of the museum, where the exhibition had to be conducted, refused to give the room for the exhibition. Even the Kramatorsk officials noted this. They said to the adherents of Falun Dafa that the Ukrainian economy depended directly on the treatment of this doctrine by our government.

The China Embassy associates the „“ relations of our countries with the pressure on the people, who practice Falungun. That is why „“ (the TV news. – Translator’s note) say nothing about the atrocious persecutions of the Falun Dafa adherents in China. The China authorities are very afraid of the protest actions, the denunciation of their murderous deeds. That is why the Kyiv City administration does not permit the Falungun followers to picket the China Embassy. In the whole world the authorities do not impede such protest actions against the repressions in China, on the contrary – they support these actions.

Maybe, some of you will smile and say: „ up! It is typical for our country!“ Yes, but the problem is that the violation of human rights and laws is directly connected with the low morality. And the school of Falun Dafa pays the main attention to the development of spirituality, to the principles of Truth, Kindness and Patience. The main goal is to become a good man, to think about the interests of other people, to be tolerant and honest. The development of spirituality reveals the fundamentally new potentials for development of personality, new knowledge. The followers of Falungun realize that a country that suppresses morality has no future. That is why we want to explain the truth in order to make our government and mass media to take the part of kindness and fairness. Then, maybe, Ukraine will have the future


Falungun is practiced in more than 60 countries. Before the repressions had begun, even Chinese mass media wrote about the obvious good of this practice. The mass media quoted the statistical data, according to which more than 90% of the people practicing Falungun recuperated completely or partially. These people give up the pernicious habits, become kind and honest. Such results deserve the respect and support of the state. Falun Dafa got more than 600 awards in the North America only and thousands of recognitions throughout the world. Founder of the school Khunzhi was a Nobel Prize candidate for peace twice, was awarded with the prestigious European Andrey Sakharov Prize for his outstanding contribution to the struggle for peace.


On 15 February 2001 the European Parliament adopted the resolution appealing to the Chinese government to respect human rights, in particular religious ones. About 100 members of the British Parliament, European Parliament in the Britain and Lords, as well as Secretary of the Foreign Affairs Jack Straw made public their official support of the rights of the people practicing Falun Dafa. The observers on human rights in the USA expressed their anxiety, and the Amnesty International issued several reports containing the details information on the inhumane cruelty from which the Falun Dafa followers in China suffer. In June the USA Congress unanimously adopted the resolution denouncing the repressions.


On 13 January 2003 the District Court of the northern district of Illinois conducted the sitting concerning the case, which was instituted in October 2002 against Tsian Tsemin. Tsemin was accused of the persecutions of the people practicing Falungun and against the members of their families, as well as of genocide and applying torture. Similar claim against Tsian Tsemin was handed in Germany too. Before this criminal cases had been started against the editorial boards of the newspapers that published the inauthentic materials and libel about the school Falun Dafa. The public also condemned the hooligan actions of the personnel of the Chinese Embassy, who hired people to persecute and beat the Falungun followers, to create „ incident of Falun Dafa“
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