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Legal peculiarities of the activities and the business accounting of non-profit organizations.

Advertisement of the book by Oleksandr Vinnikov "Non-profit organizations in Ukraine: resources and taxation".
Oleksandr Vinnikov. Non-profit organizations in Ukraine: resources and taxation. 176 pages. In Ukrainian. Price – 20 UAH.

This book contains the research on the legal peculiarities of the status of non-profit organizations in Ukraine. Special attention is attended to the practical aspects of using laws on non-profit organizations and taxation of these organizations. Two eternal questions: „How to increase incomes?“ and „How to decrease charges?“ are considered in complex on the basis of numerous normative acts and explanations.

The book includes the structured and consistent explanations both of common juridical questions concerning the everyday work of non-profit organizations (such as remuneration of labor or the peculiarities of compiling charity agreements) and of the problems, which the NGO never came across before (e.g. the creation of endowment, legal status of volunteers, social marketing, procedure of purchase for budget expenses, etc.).

The practical recommendations and patterns of documents listed in the book are grounded on the great experience of the author, who worked for many years as a councilor on the questions of the program of international technical aid and as a trainer and consultant of non-profit organizations. Almost all patterns and recommendations are already successfully used by Ukrainian non-profit organizations.

We hope that this book will become a reliable assistant for the heads of NGOs, specialists in finance managing and everybody, who are interested in the juridical and financial aspects of the activities of non-profit organizations in Ukraine.
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