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Officers of Evpatoria militia robbed a scientific society

Several militia officers rushed into the office of the scientific society of students and post-graduates „Yusti-s“ without any court warrant and confiscated system blocks of computers.

The representatives of the public organization are sure that the militiamen were seeking for information – one of the hard disks contained the text of the thesis devoted to the corruption in the law-enforcing organs of Evpatoria.

„We were robbed by militia“ – this inscription is now posted on the door of the public organization „Yusti-s“.

The office of the scientific society is situated in a private flat. It appeared that the office was attacked by the officers of the Evpatoria directorate for fighting the economic crimes. They were in civil clothes and had no warrant. The militiamen explained that their appearance was connected with the check of the computer software.

Oksana Denisova, the president of the scientific society „Yusti-s“, informed that five militia officers and two witnesses worked with their computer network without any documents or sanctions allowing them to enter the private quarters.

According to the words of eyewitnesses, the militiamen took away all computer system blocks ignoring monitors, keyboards and printer. Human rights protectors insist that hard disks of the computers contained the information compromising the militia. The information was based on the five-year investigation of facts and citizens’ complaints.

Two weeks have already passed after the militia intrusion, but, according to the representatives of „Yusti-s“, no accusations were brought against them. The law-enforcers also refused to give any comments.

Oleg Matsenko, the Evpatoria town prosecutor, commented the situation by phone:

„The prosecutor’s office obtained the materials from the town militia directorate and the complaint from citizen Sizarev. All these materials were passed to a senior investigating officer of the town prosecutor’s office. Now he is conducting the check, in the course of which all circumstances will be cleared and the legal assessment of the circumstances will be given“.

The prosecutor promised to present more complete information after the pre-investigation check, which will last for about 10 days.

The representatives of the scientific society are going to protect their rights in court.

REFERENCE. The society of students and post-graduates „Yusti-s“ was created for scientific work in the sphere of jurisprudence. The society has the relations with Oxford University and human rights protecting organizations. Representatives of the society affirm that their scientific works are based on the real facts from juridical practices, taken from citizens’ appeals. For several years the scientific society renders free juridical consultations to citizens. As a rule, their clients are poor people – pensioners and invalids, who cannot afford to pay for advocates’ services.

The material was sent by A. Nikiforov
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