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Public hearings on the protection of property rights of the owners of land shares

22.12.2003    source: www. rupor. org

Recently the public hearings «The protection of property rights of the owners of land shares of the Chernigiv oblast» were held in the town of Priluki, the Chernigiv oblast. The hearings were organized by the Chernigiv public committee for human rights protection, Chernigiv oblast state administration and the Priluki district state administration. The financial support was rendered by the project  «Network of public activities in Ukraine» of the ISC/UCAN and the USA agency for the international development (USAID).

The owners of shares, heads of agricultural enterprises and representatives of state establishments from five districts of the oblast were present at the hearings. The participants discussed the question concerning the land reform in Ukraine, as well as the ways and opportunities of the protection of the rights of the owners of land shares. The debates were also devoted to the self-organization of landowners with the aim of the collective protection of their property rights.

All speakers agreed that the questions concerning the property in land were one of the most important problems in the life of the Ukrainian society, that these questions demanded the rapt attention both of the state and of the society as a whole. Many of the speakers pointed out that the majority of landowners were very passive in their attitude to their own property rights, frequently they merely did not understand the opportunities that they would obtain owing to the land reform.

The described action was conducted in the framework of the project «Promotion and protection of property rights of the owners of land shares in Ukraine». The project should promote the development of the institutes of civil society in the Chernigiv oblast, connected with the agrarian reform, with the intention to protect the rights of the owners of land shares, increasing the activity of this group of citizens and of their role in taking the decisions by the organs of state power of Ukraine.

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