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The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Kirovograd TV and radio company “TTV” got the resolution of the Supreme Court on the compensation of moral damage equal to 300 thousand hryvnas


This information was communicated by general manager of “TTV” Viktor Tokarev.

 The claim against the TRC “TTV” was handed by Volodymir Yaroshenko, the head of the Kirovograd town court. His claim was connected with the elucidation by the channel “TTV” in June 2002 of the meeting, at which one of the participants brought an accusation against Yaroshenko

“Context-media” informs, referring to Tokarev, that the resolution was issued on 20 October, and the TRC got this document only yesterday. “Our representatives were not present at the trial. We cannot agree with the decision, so we will turn to the international court instances”, declared Viktor Tokarev.

(ForUm, 2003-11-27)


Judges won 3:0. This is the result of the legal proceedings between Volodymir Yaroshenko and Kirovograd mass media. Along with “Ukraina-Tsentr”, the list of debtors was supplemented with the TRC “TTV” and the newspaper “Kirovogradska Pravda”.

General manager of “TTV” Viktor Tokarev told this to journalists on the past Tuesday: “We are sure that we are right and that we did not violate any legal norms. Naturally, we are going to continue to strive for justice in the European Court. Unfortunately, in the European Court we will have to present a claim against Ukraine…”

("Ukraina-Tsentr", Kirovograd, No. 48, 28 November 2003)

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