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The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

MPs asked the General Prosecutor to publish the information about the investigation of the cases against mass media that undermined the authority of President Kuchma


14 May 2003

Today the Supreme Rada of Ukraine supported the request of MP Mykola Tomenko to the General Prosecutor about the promulgation of the information about criminal cases against mass media, which published the materials directed at the illegal influence on the President of Ukraine. 171 deputies endorsed the request, “Interfax-Ukraina” informs.

As it is known, the General Prosecutor’s office conducts the investigation of criminal case No. 49-1120 “the facts of publishing in mass media, brochures and other editions the materials directed at the illegal influence on the President of Ukraine with the purpose to impede the fulfillment by him of his service duties”. According to the order of the General Prosecutor’s office, regional law-enforcing organs interrogate journalists and seize the runs of printed mass media.

Earlier M. Tomenko turned to the General Prosecutor asking to inform whether they fulfilled the request of the President to stop all criminal cases against the mass media, which printed the materials discrediting his honor and dignity.

The Parliament also supported Tomenko’s request to the head of the anti-monopoly committee about the check of the information concerning the violation by MP Viktor Pinchuk of the anti-monopoly laws. V. Pinchuk is a founder of several newspapers and TV channels.

The IMI communicates that on 8 April Olena Gromnitska, the press secretary of the President of Ukraine, confirmed that the General Prosecutor’s office instituted the criminal case according to Article 334 item 1 (illegal influence on the President) after the fact of publishing the materials directed at the detriment of the authority of the head of the state.

Today it is known that the investigation activities (such as interrogations and confiscations of the newspapers) were applied to at least 7 printed mass media: “Informatsiyny bulleten” (Kremenchug), “Cherkasska pravda” (Cherkassy), “Rivnenskiy dialog” (Rivne), “Pozitsiya” (Sumy), “Antenna” (Cherkassy), “Volyn” (Rivne) and “Populiarna gazeta” (Dnepropetrovsk).

The Institute of mass information,

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