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The case against the newspaper “Veksel” (the Odessa oblast) was closed because of the recall of the claim by the plaintiff


On 5 May the town court of Yuzhny (the Odessa oblast) closed the case after the claim of Oleksandr Zhuravel, the head of the town council, against the editorial board of the newspaper “Veksel”. The case was closed because of the recall of the claim by the plaintiff. “It became possible only owing to the support of our edition by other mass media: the case was well-known not only in the Odessa oblast, but throughout Ukraine”, said Sergiy Tykhoplav, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper.

The court still considers two other claims against the newspaper handed by Nadiya Shumeyko, the business-manager of the town council.

We want to remind that on 29 January 2002 Oleksandr Zhuravel brought a suit against the newspaper “Veksel” on the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation and the compensation of moral damage equivalent to 10 thousand hryvnas. The mayor was offended by the phrase: “A natural question appears: whose interests A. Zhuravel is lobbying? Why he tries to suppress the town? It seems that he has his own interests”, which was published in the newspaper on 28 November 2001.

13 June 2003, The Institute of mass information,

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