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Does the freedom of speech exist in the Ivano-Frankivsk oblast?


Such Internet-poll was conducted by the press service of the oblast state administration on the official site . The results of the poll were the following.

Up to 12 June 47% of respondents, who took part in the interactive voting, answered this question affirmatively; 27% answered that the freedom of speech was absent in the region; 27% could not answer the question. Yet, I believe that the results of the voting on the official site of a power organ could not have any other results.

However, I am surprised with another thing: only 15 respondents took part in the poll. If the heads of district administrations and their deputies voted, the number of the participants would be greater, as well as the number of positive answers. Yet, maybe the Internet is still the eighth world miracle for them?

Igor Mudrik, a journalist

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