war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Letter from Zaporozhska oblast

Kharkiv Group for Human Rights Protection has received such letter:

We turn to you because we desperately need help. Can you stop the mass slaughter of people, convicts but still human beings? We do our term in the camp OEI 310/101 in Zaporozhye Region. This is a genuine concentration camp. It is easy to check the pacts of the mass slaughter. In our region there is another camp, OEI 310/55 which is considered a OA hospital. Most clients of this hospital, ill and dying, are directed to our camp, while healthier convicts are sent to other camps.

On December 23 a shipment from the OA hospital came to our camp. All in all they brought 150 people. On arrival they were greeted by the speech that they came here to die. Then they were ordered to lie on the ground, all, young and old, and without any reason the words started to kick them. A guitar was broken on somebody’s head, strangled people with the strings, broke teeth and heads. Forty people were immediately put to the lock-up root.

If you can do anything, please, stop this torture. It is easy to check whether the fact are true: send a commission or a group of newsmen to OEI 310/101. We do not sign the letter: the reason is easy to understand. We hope that sooner or later our torture will be stopped.

Help, please!!!

P.S. May be you will give us addresses to which we can complain about concrete facts. Then the flow of complaints, both from the convicts and their relatives, will come to these addresses. Again we beg you to do anything to help us.
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