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Letter from Piotr G.Kulinich, Donetsk, 7 February, 1997

from Piotr G.Kulinich
residing 52 Korobchansky Str., Apt.2, Donetsk-8

7 February , 1997

On 28 February 1996 my son Victor P.Kulinich and his wife Tatiana N.Kulinich were detained by the officers of the region directorate of the MIA. The officers’ names are V.V.Lopatko, A.A.Kartsev, Goroshko, Kamychev.

My son and daughter-in-law were detained at the address: 2 Gvardeyski Ave., Donetsk-87. According to Tatiana Kulinich they were accused of keeping drugs and transported to the region directorate of militia. There the both detained were beaten up, her injuries being confirmed by a medical certificate. Then the both were transferred to Kuybyshev district precinct, and next day Tatiana Kulinich was set free. My son was not released, and on March 4, 1996, N.Smirnova, investigator of Kuybyshev precinct, informed me that my son died in 1-st City Hospital and is placed to the mortuary.

On March 5, 1996, I received the medical certificate No. 691 on my son’s death. The certificate read that my son died on March 3 from loss blood, from torn spleen and body injuries.

From 28 February to his death my son was within militia, and his injuries that caused death were inflicted by illegal actions of law enforces.

On 28 February a motor ambulance was summonned to Kuybyshev precinct, if is fixed in the ambulance office, but the proper medical and was not rendered. I am sure that my son was killed by criminal law enforcers.

He was beaten up, which is confirmed by the medical certificate and all circumstances, was dying in the precinct, the medical and was summonned too late, because they were afraid of the responsibility, and the man died. They handcuffed my son and then kicked him in the midriff, they put a plastic bag over his head, then put him on the back and jumped on his stomack. No wonder that he died.

A criminal case was started concerning my son’s death.

I ASK help to achieve a fair decision and to defend father who lost his only son by the criminal actions of militia.




Vorsinov G.T.

General Procurator of Ukraine

March 11, 1997

Kharkov Group of Human Rights Protection received the complaint of P.G.Kulinich with a request to help and appended documents concerning the investigation of the death of V.P.Kulinich, which resulted, by the father’s opinion, from injuries inficted by militiamen of Donetsk.

The father’s correspondence with the Procurator offices of Donetsk region, of the city of Donetsk and of the Kuybyshev district of Donetsk revealed a deliberate delay lasting from May 1996 to January 1997.

The Procurator Office indifference in such cases leaves the guilty unpunished and encourages illegal and criminal acts of the militia. We know of dozens of cases when people were beaten up by the militia, sometimes to death.

Please, find enclosed the copies of the materials received by us and concerning the case of V.P.Kulinich.

We ask you to undertake fast peoper measures for solving this case and preventing similar cases.

Evhen Zakharov,
Kharkiv Group for Human Rights Protection

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