Fund of legal aid was created in Ukraine


On 21 June, at 14:00, the press conference “Creation of the Fund of legal aid for the protection of socially vulnerable layers of the society” will be held in the building of the agency “Interfax-Ukraine”. The creation of this Fund was a result of joint initiative of the International Foundation “Vidrodjennia” (IFV) and the Corporation “Interpipe” with the support of MP and maecenas Viktor Pinchuk.

The main goal of the Fund is the protection of socially vulnerable layers of society and reforming of the higher juridical education, which implies the change of outlook and principles of work of young lawyers and students of law.


Evhen Bystritskiy – the Executive Manager of the Foundation “Vidrodjennia”;

Igor Yaroslavtsev – the Head of the Board of the Corporation “Interpipe”;

Markiyan Duleba – the manager of the program “The superiority of right” of the IFV;

“Juridical clinics” are the centers of free legal aid at institutes of higher education for the protection of rights and interests of citizens. Now there are 23 “juridical clinics” in 17 oblasts of Ukraine. The successful work of the existing “juridical clinics” confirms the urgent necessity to increase their number. Along with the financial support of the Foundation “Vidrodjennia”, money and informational-technical resources of other international donors were used for the work of these “clinics”. The website was created thanks to the aid of these organizations for operative exchange of information and experience among the “juridical clinics” and non-governmental organizations of Ukraine.

It is planned by the Fund of legal aid to support and widen, before 2007, the activities of the “juridical clinics” in all regions of Ukraine. Among the priority tasks for the next three years the following tasks can be mentioned:

-  support of the initiatives directed towards the widening  and development of the network of “juridical clinics” in Ukraine;

-  creation of the mechanisms of functioning and individual development of “juridical clinics”;

-  support of the initiatives concerning the creation of normative and procedural bases of the activities of “juridical clinics”;

-  preparation of the programs and specialists for the professional evolution of “juridical clinics”;

-  informational-methodical provision of the activities of “juridical clinics”.

The joint project also envisages the support of the initiatives on the development of other forms of legal protection of citizens and the promotion of court reform.

Contact persons:

Artem Kolesnik, the PR-manager of the IFV, phone: 461 97 09, e-mail: [email protected]  

Markiyan Duleba, the manager of the program “The superiority of right”, phone: 246 83 63, e-mail: [email protected]

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