Students as an object of coercion

Oleksiy Svetikov, Severodonetsk
This letter was written by a student to his acquaintance. For obvious reasons we will not mention either the educational establishment or the town. Yet, this is not important, since the establishment of authoritarian dictatorship (which is, maybe, even worse than the Soviet one) is the all-Ukrainian phenomenon. In what follows I am quoting the letter:

“A day or two ago I accidentally overheard a talk, which, to put it mildly, worried me. I was in the office of the head of the department of general chemistry. Some man came to the head. “Hello”, he said, “I am going from the sitting at pro-rector’s office. Do you know that tomorrow Yushchenko will come to us? So, the pro-rector asked to organize the lectures so that students would not get to the square. And if you would learn the names of those, who would go to the square, pass the list to the secretary. And then we will solve the question about their sending down”.

And yesterday my brother visited me. He told that there was a place in Severodonetsk, where one could get 5 hryvnas for every torn off Yushchenko’s placard.

Our teachers directly agitate for Yanukovich during the lectures. Recently some presents from Yanukovich were raffled near the institute. And so on, and so forth”.

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