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World War II veterans may lose their hospitals


The events that happen around the all-Ukrainian medical-social Center, situated in the village of Tsybli of the Kyiv region, can result in its liquidation.

In accordance with Edict of the President of Ukraine No. 357/96 issued in 1996, the Center got the status of a National establishment and is patronized by the President of Ukraine.

There is a memorial plate near the entrance with the engraving: “Ukrainian State medical-social Center of War Veterans”.

We have learned from mass media, in particular from the article “Leave alone veterans’ hospitals” published in the newspaper “Veteran Ukrainy” (No. 12, June 2005), that, in connection with transformation of the hospital to a usual patronage establishment for aged single people, dismantling of medical equipment will be carried out, as well as reconstruction of rooms, change of personnel and dismissal of head physician Yu. Grinenko, who heads this center during 25 years out of 30 years of its existence.

Disturbing situation has also formed in Odessa. During several past years state agencies has old the land around the Odessa hospital for the WW2 invalids. The hospital is located on the 15th Station of Bolshoy Fontan, near the sea beach “Zolotoy bereg”, and now private many-storied cottages are built there around the clock.

The hospital exists for 16 years, its capacity is 1000 persons per year. The hospital recovers health of veterans and invalids of the WW2 – about 26% of inhabitants of the Odessa region. Honored doctor of Ukraine Z. Kulibaba heads the hospital from the very moment of its foundation in 1991, candidate of medical sciences V. Zozulia occupies the post of the head of medical department. Staff of the hospital consists of highly skilled doctors and medical personnel.

In spite of the fact that the medical equipment and furniture has not been renewed during all these years, all patients are provided with necessary medicines free of charge. Although there is no hot water in many districts of Odessa, hospital has it permanently. The nourishment is satisfactory taking into account the current prices. The care of patients is good, first of all thanks to attentive and sympathetic personnel.

The actions of the Ministry of health protection, in our opinion, is just another attack against the rights of war veterans, brutal violation of Articles 22 and 49 of the Constitution of Ukraine, as well as the existing laws of Ukraine concerning medical services.

At the instance of veterans and 1st group invalids of the WW2,
Member of the international organization of human rights – Ukrainian section
1st group invalid of the WW2 V. Pluzhnik

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