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Human rights and legal awareness-raising in Sumy


The Sumy City Civic Organization “Pravozakhyst" ["Human rights protection"] was created by a group of Sumy residents in February 2001. Its main aim is to develop legal awareness and ensure that people understand their rights and the law.

“Pravozakhyst" does not take part in any political activities either at local or national level, expect by monitoring the observance of electoral and other laws by local State bodies.

The work of the organization is funded by membership fees and donations, as well as by international technical aid.

The main areas of its activity focus on:

·  increasing public involvement through legal awareness-raising work and education in the sphere of human rights (group and individual consultations, publications in the press, assistance in registration of citizens’ unions);

·  ensuring freedom of speech and the access of citizens to information  (conduction of trainings and seminars on legislation for journalists, representation of their interests in court);

·  prevention of torture and cruel treatment (recording incidents and appeals from citizens, publications in the press, information and educational programs for workers of investigation bodies and the penal system).

In addition, at the beginning of this 2005, the public bureau “Pravozakhyst” concluded an agreement on cooperation with the Sumy regional association of citizens “Public initiative “Nichny dozor””, which provides legal advice and control over the observance of election laws.

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