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The remains of NKVD victims are to be buried at the Lychakivsky Cemetery in Lviv

22.07.2006    source:

On 21 July 2006 the City Council Executive Committee passed a decision to build crypts within the Lychakivsky Cemetery.  These crypts will hold the remains of those murdered by the NKVD (predecessor to the KGB) during the 1940s and 1950s

The remains will be laid to rest of 225 people, 80 of whom were children, discovered four years in the crypt of a monastery in Zhovkva in the Lviv region.

According to the forensic expert commission, the remains are those of victims of the Soviet secret police.  The remains were all exhumed, but have since been kept in bags, awaiting burial.

This year in the courtyard of a church in the centre of Zhovkva, more human remains were discovered.  According to preliminary investigations these people were probably also murdered by the NIKVD in the 1950s. However forensic tests have not yet been carried out.

The building of the crypts at the the Lychakivsky Cemetery will be paid for by the state, and the crypts will be a place of memory in honour of all the NKVD victims in the Lviv region.

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