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Amnesty International declares Zmiter Dashkevich Prisoner of Conscience

04.11.2006    source:
He joins the large number of opponents of the present dictatorship in Belarus who are serving penal sentences for their convictions

Amnesty International is launching a campaign in support of Belarusian political prisoner Zmiter Dashkevich. Representative of the London AI office, Heather McGill informed the Belarusian human rights centre "Viasna" that Amnesty members from all over the world will be sending letters of support to the political prisoner, and that other acts of solidarity are also planned. Amnesty International has declared Dashkevich a prisoner of conscience.

At present in Belarus a number of members of the opposition are prisoners of conscience, including the ex-presidential candidate Aleksandr Kazulin,  activists from the civil initiative on monitoring the elections “Partnerstvo”. Timofei Dranchuk and Nikolai Astreiko, Social Democrat leader Mikola Statkevich, a deputy of parliament from the13th convocation Andrei Klimov, the youth leaders Pavel Severinets and Artur Finkevich, and others.

As reported here, Zmiter Dashkevich was sentenced on 1 November to one and a half years penal colony for “active participation in an unregistered organization” – an Article introduced into the Belarusian Criminal Code just before the last elections.

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