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“Fact”, “MAUP” and the Book Fair

04.11.2006    source:
A number of prominent Ukrainian writers, journalists, academics and public figures have expressed solidarity with the publishing company “Fact” in their stand against xenophobia, but have asked them not to boycott the coming book fair despite the planned participation of MAUP

The prominent publishing company “Fact” which had threatened to boycott the coming book fair in Kyiv over the participation this year of the Interregional Academy Personnel Management [MAUP] has issued a statement in which it agrees to participate and explains its reasons. The statement and the letters which prompted it to take this difficult decision are well worth reading.

Any readers unaware of MAUP’s reputation in areas other than academic prowess will find all explained in the letters.

Dear Inokentiy Virovy and Leonid Finkelstein,

The Kyiv International Book Fair “Book World” has been held for eight years now in Kyiv.  One can say without exaggeration that over these years one of the most active participants and co-organizers of the event has been the publishing company “Fact”.

One can say that a certain number of publishers first chose to participate in the Fair under your assurance of its quality.

However this year a situation has arisen due to which we are aware your publishing company is ready to withdraw from “Book World”. The reasons that are prompting you to make this move are relatively serious. We are in solidarity with your assessment of the unacceptable tone of many works which have recently appeared in publications connected with one well-known private higher educational institution. As far as we are concerned, any demonstration of support for inter-ethnic confrontation is unacceptable to members of the Ukrainian intelligentsia.

However at the present time, as a result of shortcomings of the Ukrainian legal system, the passivity of the state which must in the first instance correctly response to demonstrations of xenophobia (as well as due to the inadequate level of development of civic society) the organizers of “Book World” are unable to stop the publishing house of the said educational institution from participating in the book fair. Under such circumstances for the publishing company “Fact” (and other authoritative publishers) to carry out its intention would mean handing the results of many years of work by the organizers of the book fair over to anti-Ukrainian chernosotentsy [“Black Hundred” movement] and provocateurs.

For this reason, while understanding and sharing your position, we would nonetheless call on your publishing company to change your mind.

We on our part are united with you in condemning any demonstrations of xenophobia and are ready to boycott any institutions and figures connected with such displays.


The letter is signed by a large number of prominent Ukrainian academics, writers, journalists, publishers and others, including

Semyon Gluzman

Oksana Zabuzhko

Ihor Kalynets

Iryna Kalynets

Mykhailyna Kotsyubynska

Nina Marchenko (mother of Valery Marchenko)

Leonid  and Tetyana Plyushch

Myroslav Popovych

Yevhen Sverstyuk

Dmytro Stus

Stefaniya Shabatura

[The list is long, hence the choice of names familiar to readers of KHPG – no offence meant to those not named! – translator]


“Fact”, “MAUP” and the Book Fair


The publishing company “Fact” through its own convictions, in accordance with norms of international law and the attitude of the world community, as well as with the position of the President of Ukraine, condemns any manifestations of fascism and xenophobia.

In view of this, the publishing company “Fact” had intended to boycott the book fair “Medvin. Book World” in which the publishing house of MAUP is to participate.

However we have received two letters with the signatures of writers, journalists, publishers, public figures and other concerned members of the public who are approaching us with support of our position against displays of fascism and xenophobia from MAUP, while asking us to not withdraw from the Book Fair.
Since the public share our attitude to MAUP, although neither they nor we have found a way of freeing the book fair from this establishment’s stand, and aware of our responsibility to our authors and readers, as well as in view of the above-mentioned letters, the publishing company “Fact” has decided that:

We will take part in “Medvin. Book World”
We count on the future activity of the community in rejecting displays of fascism and xenophobia

We reserve the right to avoid any mass events in which institutions with a questionable reputation take part.


Director of the publishing company “Fact” Inokentiy Vyrovy

Chief Editor of the publishing company “Fact” Leonid Finkelstein

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