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Another conscript dies from hazing


The Ministry of Defence reports that a conscript in the Kharkiv region has died as the result of hazing*.  On 19 December, in the 61st arsenal of the Southern Operational Command for Land Troops (Loziv, Kharkiv region), a conscript soldier Yury Stashchenko died of injuries received from hazing by other soldiers.

The Military Prosecutor for the Kharkiv garrison is carrying out an investigation.  The brief report from the Ministry press service indicates that other investigations are also underway.

The Ministry and the Armed Forces management express their sympathy to the family of the soldier.

This information is from the Ministry and not exactly forthcoming with details.  We report it in the hope that the investigation will prove efficient and open, and will be able to give more details both of the tragedy and of measures taken to prevent it happening again.



*  the report uses the term “unsuitable relations” which is an official term for “didivshchyna”, bullying or hazing of newly conscripted soldiers by those senior to them (translator)

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