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They listened

02.03.2008    source:

The Prosecutor General has acknowledged infringements in the investigation of the Keivan case.  Ivan Keivan from the village Pidpechery in the Ivano-Frankivsk regions was 9 in 2004 when he kicked a ball into the territory of a power transformer plant which was not cordoned off, despite the obvious risk to life.  He received horrific burns to 80% of his body.

Instead of recognizing fault and ensuring proper medical treatment and compensation for Ivan, the authorities decided to claim that the nine-year-old had been to blame for doing what any child that age, unfortunately, will do.

After the local prosecutor’s office failed in any way to react adequately to the family’s demands for a proper investigation into the accident, Ivan’s father approached the Ukrainian Helsinki Union who issued an open appeal which it sent to the relevant bodies.

After a little evasion, with the appeal being sent to and fro, the Prosecutor General has finally responded.  A meeting was held which concluded that the investigation had not been carried out properly. As a result, the decision of the Ternopil regional prosecutor’s office to terminate the criminal investigation has been revoked, and the investigation continued.

The Ternopil regional prosecutor’s office has been instructed to ensure a full investigation and to take all appropriate measures.

UHHRU will be following the situation closely.

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