war crimes in Ukraine

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Monuments to victims of the Nazis in Poltava vandalized

15.07.2008    source:

In Poltava two memorial plaques near each other in the park on Sinya St – “To the Grieving Mother” and on the Common Grave to the Victims of Fascism – “Plaque in Memory of the Holocaust” have been daubed in paint. 

According to the Poltava City Executive Committee, the vandals daubed Ukrainian national symbols as well as offensive words about people of some nationalities.

“Nobody has taken responsibility for the act although some analysts link this with increased activity in Poltava of particular groups. The communal services swiftly brought the plaques back to their proper condition and those responsible are being sought”, a representative of the Mayor’s office explained.

This territory in Poltava during the Nazi occupation saw mass executions of local residents and prisoners of war. The common grave holds the last earthly remains of over 10 thousand victims of the Nazis. In this place, the former city cemetery, on 23 November 1941 the Nazis murdered 3 thousand Jews from Poltava then during the War almost 5 thousand other people, including Soviet prisoners of war, those opposing Nazis, partisans and members of underground organizations.

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