Depressed sectors being forced to support Tax Code

29.11.2010 |

The National Forum of Ukrainian Trade Unions asserts that the government is organizing public statements / demonstrations in support of the highly contentious Tax Code which has brought thousands out on to the street in Kyiv and other cities in protest.

The trade unions allege that the preparations for such demonstration all follows the same scenario:  the authorities give the instruction to the heads of enterprises which then force their workers to publicly speak out in favour of the Tax Code. This will be carried out in depressed sectors of the economy which are dependent on State support.

One such action took place on 24 November when light industry producers held a press conference in the UNIAN Information Agency and called on the protesters to stop their rallies and accept the adoption of the Tax Code.

According to the Head of the National Forum of Ukrainian Trade Unions, Myroslav Yakibchuk last year wages arrears in light industry enterprises rose on average by 37%, with 25% of workers forced into a short working day regime.  Light industry is thus in a state, he says, where the government can force workers to support any of their decisions.

The National Forum claims that such public addresses and press conferences in support of the Tax Code are planned by members of the ship-building, aviation and other sectors.

The National Forum is convinced that the present Tax Code is aimed specifically at turning those who are today asserting their freedom into silent and submissive servants.

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