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Parliament refuses to abolish special pensions

02.03.2011    source:

Most members of the Verkhovna Rada on Wednesday failed to support the abolition of privileges in pension legislation. None of the three members of the ruling majority: the Party of the Regions, the Communist Party and Lytvyn’s Bloc voted for the draft law proposed by two Deputies from Our Ukraine – People’s Self-Defence.

One of the co-authors, Mykola Kulchnyski asserts that it is the moral duty of every deputy to cancel privileges.  Those who support the bill believe that it is against the Constitution to have preferential conditions for National Deputies, public officials, prosecutors, judges and members of enforcement structures.

A member of the Party of the Regions, Vadym Kolesnichenko however was quoted by the BBC Ukrainian Service as saying that the draft law proposed by the opposition was merely a PR move aimed at being liked by the voters. He said that the bill had received a negative assessment from the profile committee. He also pointed out that “there are two judgments from the Constitutional Court which prohibit passing documents which worsen people’s position”. He considers that this also pertains to former National Deputies and public officials, and now pensioners.

Yury Stets from Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defence on the other hand said that he can’t understand the logic followed by the majority when they don’t vote for decisions of vital importance for the country. “The present situation means that there will still be people who receive a pitiful 800 UAH, and there will be people who’ll have 25 thousand UAH”.

In the last few days President Yanukovych promised to achieve transition to a system of fair pensions and remove “astronomical pensions from some categories of people”.

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