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Humiliating treatment of Yulia Tymoshenko entirely unacceptable

17.12.2011    source:


The Lukyanivsk SIZO [detention centre] Administration’s treatment of former Prime Minister and leader of the opposition Batkivshchyna party in photographing her in her cell was absolutely disgraceful, Yevhen Zakharov, Co-Chair of the Kharkiv Human Rights Group says.

The video footage of Yulia Tymoshenko in her cell was a violation of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (the right to ones private life), as well as Articles 28 (prohibition of torture and ill-treatment) and 32 (the right to ones private life)  of Ukraine’s Constitution.

“Taking a video of Tymoshenko in the SIZO is an intrusion into her private life. Obviously Ms Tymoshenko is a public figure and therefore her rights in this respect are a little less than those of other citizens. Yet even in this case intrusion in her private life must serve an important purpose.”

The arguments presented by the State Penitentiary Service that the public should know the conditions in which the former Prime Minister is held in the SIZO do not stand up to criticism. “You could show the cell itself without humiliating a person who is lying down and unable to even get up from the bed”.  He is convinced that the Penitentiary Service violated Tymoshenko’s rights and their behaviour was absolutely inadmissible.

A video clip has appeared on the Internet showing Yulia Tymoshenko in the SIZO. One can see the former Prime Minister trying to protest against the filming yet this is ignored.

The Penitentiary Service has stated that it gave permission for the video in order “to provide the public with objective information about Yulia Tymoshenko’s conditions in the SIZO.”

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