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Appeal in connection with CEC electoral district carve-up under examination


The CEC division into electoral districts

The High Administration Court has begun its examination of an appeal against the refusal on 4 May by the Kyiv Administrative Court of Appeal to consider a civil suit challenging the Central Election Commission’s 28 April Resolution creating 225 single-mandate electoral districts. 

As reported, in 2 major oblasts – Luhansk and Donetsk – the division has elicited concern that political considerations dictated the sometimes bizarre and illogical carving up of parts of the two regions.   These concerns have been spelled out by two authoritative organizations – the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] and the Civic Network OPORA. 

The appeal at present being considered is against the refusal to examine a suit filed by CVU on behalf of a woman in Alchevsk. She argues that the sudden change in electoral district has not taken socio-economic factors into account, and also infringes her rights as a voter since the new Electoral District No. 110 has been created out of two enclaves which do not border one another.  This runs counter to all previous Laws on the Parliamentary Elections and can therefore be seen as a violation of Article 22 of the Constitution since it narrows the scope of existing rights.

The suit asks for the CEC Resolution to be revoked.

Please see Resolutions incompatible with Democratic Choice  and the texts listed below for more information on a carve-up which is likely to distort the election result in those two oblast 

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