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Opposition MP gets police visitation

23.11.2012    source:

 MP Iryna Herashchenko has reported that she received a visit on Thursday morning from a local police inspector. She says that he tried to draw up a protocol against her for participating in a rally outside the Central Election Commission on 5 November.

She says that the police officer simply turned up and told her that there had been a demonstration on 5 November which had been banned by the court and that she was at it.  Mr Herashchenko pointed out that three weeks had passed since then and also asked how they knew that she was there. She says that the officer says that “all our bosses were there and they saw you”.  Ms Herashchenko asked how “your bosses” knew her address, why they’d turned up at her home and not her work, and who were these bosses who saw her. She also demanded to know on the basis of what court order banning the demonstration they were drawing up a protocol. “I don’t have any papers”, the officer apparently said, “My bosses told me to draw up a protocol against you”.

She says that she asked his age and where he’d graduated from, and whether he’d read the new Criminal Procedure Code.  He said that he hadn’t yet, and “on that high note we parted company.  It is noteworthy that a day earlier I had received a letter from the Pechersky Police refusing to initiate a criminal investigation over threats over the telephone. Obviously a protocol over a rally outside the CEC has more grounds and hence such a meeting “between the police and the people on Freedom Day”, Ms Herashchenko writes on her facebook page.  The visit was on the 8th anniversary of the Orange Revolution which succeeded in part because of the position taken by a large number of police officers, led by Yury Lutsenko. 

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