Documenting war crimes in Ukraine.
The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

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Communist zombies are wandering in Odessa

I.L., Odessa
V.N.Sharovskiy, the head of Odessa region trade union, does not fight with pay arrears, does not pay attention to other social and economic problems of toilers of Odessa region — he fights against the newspaper ‘Glasnost’.

At first he tried to oust the editorial board from the building, and then, when he did not succeed in doing it, he ordered to cut off all the telephones. Readers helped: several people offered their home telephones and pass the received information to the editorial board. V. Sharovskiy is not alone in his fight with the independent newspaper, which affords to have its own opinion. The fighters against the newspaper are from the team of the present mayor R.Bodelan, the last first secretary of Odessa Committee of the Communist Party. The latter came to power by crooked methods, after he, aided by the President, pushed out Gurvits, the previous mayor, who confidently won the election. This team, aided by the local TV, distributes lies about the newspaper ‘Glasnost’. Their efforts failed: the circulation of ‘Glasnost’ has grown by 50% this year.

And what about those whose duty is to protect law? M.Kosiuta, a new region prosecutor, promised that his office would be apolitical. Perhaps, it does not mean that it would be just. More than a month passed since ‘Glasnost’ informed the region prosecutor’s office that V.Sharovskiy got an illegal pension. While working in the system of trade unions, V.Sharovskiy was formally counted as a state official. Now he managed to get a pension of a state official equal to 250 grivnas (four times more than a usual pension). Into the bargain, he gets a modest pay of a trade union leader, equal to 800 grivnas.

The prosecutor’s office is silent. One of the reasons is that a great proportion of the former nomenclature gets such high pensions.

While millions are starving.
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