war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

I know how V.Denda works

V.P.Kyrmyzy, Illichevsk
Practically he carries out no work. As to his education, I was told that he finished four grades and has a certificate of a welder. I saw in his possession a pile of blanks: ‘Helsinki-96’, ‘International human rights protection assembly’, ‘Odessa branch of the international Union of human rights’ and some others. I asked him what he was doing and who are his consultants. He answered nothing concrete. I saw in him a man manipulating with different blanks. He has no office. I asked him from where he took money, for example, for stationery. I myself pay my own money, about 10-15 grivnas per month for mailing letters to various agencies, and I have never tried to ask for money or chisel money from my clients. People, who turn to me, are mostly old, from 60 to 96 years.

We have to turn to various organizations. I compile letters and mail them, I type them on my typewriter. Recently it got out of order, and I had to mend it. For this I paid 50 grivnas of my own money. I sympathize with people, since I myself was fired from eleven jobs and ten times I was restored by court. I never hired an advocate, so I had to learn the labor laws by myself. Now, when I consider other people’s cases, I turn to professional lawyers in difficult questions. My consultants are Anatoliy Bazeliuk, a friend in misfortunes, because he was also fired several times. Another consultant of mine is a former judge Vladimir Zavtonov. They know me well, they understand that I never take money from the clients, and they consult me free of charge. Rich people do not come to us. Our clientele are mainly pensioners who get 40-60 grivnas per month.

I want to ask the IUHR president and the editorial board of your bulletin: where do you take money at least for stationery and mailing expenditures? I tried to ask aid from Khmelniuk, the mayor of our Illichevsk. He considers himself the best mayor in Ukraine, but he never aided us. Moreover, he has not registered our organization, although we applied six months ago. Instead he looks for some compromising materials against me. In mid-eighties he was the first secretary of the Communist Party town committee, now he is a capitalist. Many his supporters hung Khmelniuk’s portraits in their offices.

To conclude I want to say that V.Denda’d methods are bad. The more so that he knows beforehand that he is unable to help people. People who work in human rights protection organizations must be humane and sympathizing, but all the same I want to ask, where can we take money for the most necessary expenditures?
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