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Town authorities are worried with the state of the freedom of speech in Cherkassy

Oksana Priadko, Cherkassy
A provisional Control Commission in charge of observance of the freedom of speech has been created by Cherkassy town council. The corresponding decision pointed out the necessity of creating such a committee because of ‘the aggravation of relations between the executive power and mass media, because of the pressure by the President’s team on the local authorities, law-enforcing bodies, organs of local self-rule, political and public organizations’.

Citizens of Cherkassy region, as well as of other regions of Ukraine, may turn to the Commission with complaints on abusing the norms of election laws during the preparation campaign and the election. All such complaints will be considered at public hearings, which will be held in the end of August.

The Commission includes Nikolay Chebotko, a deputy of the town council, Leonid Zaporozhets, a representative of several public organizations, and Valentina Vasilchenko, a Cherkassy correspondent of the newspaper ‘Nezavisimost’. The Commission is headed by Anatoliy Dzhobolda, the secretary of the town council.
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