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Marchuk suggests to call up a commission for resuming transmissions of the four non-state TV companies of the Crimea

The direct and brazen pressure on mass media by the power is a manifestation of the complete impotence of the regime to cooperate with mass media. The state officials demonstrate their negligence to the free journalism, and where the freedom of speech finishes, there is one step to the dictatorship. That was the comment of Evgeniy Marchuk, a candidate to the Presidency.

MP Marchuk suggested to call up a special deputy commission for checking the decision to stop transmissions of the four Crimean stations and to take measures on resuming the transmission. In his opinion, this commission must be formed from the Supreme Rada Committee on the freedom of speech, from the Crimean MPs and from the National Council on TV and radio broadcasting.

It is not the first time when the executive power presses on mass media by using the state-controlled organizations. The power wants to demonstrate its muscles, but the final effect will be the opposite. Now people cannot be intimidated or deceived. Such zeal to support the current President in the election campaign with any means will turn against the President , added Marchuk.

Marchuk reminded that a similar situation occurred in Presidential election . 94, when the TV company. Gravis. , which supported Kuchma against Kravchuk, was closed. Kuchma. s team is unable to remember the elementary lessons and repeats the mistakes of Kravchuk. s team, made five years ago. , remarks the candidate to Presidency.

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