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The speakers brother threatens to prosecute a newspaper

Oksana Priadko, Cherkassy
The editorial board of the Cherkassy oblast newspaper . Nova doba. did not anticipate that the publication of a reader. s letter would have so unpleasant consequences. Mark Prozvanny, a newspaper reader from Cherkassy, wrote about Anatoliy Tkachenko, the deputy head of the Cherkassy oblast administration, who, by the way, is a brother of the speaker of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine. The reader of . Nova doba. accused the state official in . turning his office into a election headquarters of his brother Aleksandr Tkachenko. . The latter in his election campaign to presidency gives . free. presents to his pensioner electors at the expense of the state budget. The author of the letter criticized the pension age of Anatoliy and the manner of speech of the speaker Aleksander, who speaks neither Russian nor Ukrainian.

This letter was published by . Nova doba. No. 57 of 15 July. The response was lightning quick. Anatoliy Tkachenko, the deputy head of the Cherkassy oblast administration, sent to the editorial board the letter . On the publication of doubtful information. , which was duly printed in . Nova doba. No. 59. The state official rejects all the facts mentioned in Prozvany. s letter, but he does not quote a single document to disprove these accusations. Anatoliy Tkachenko doubts that the pensioner, who wrote the letter, really exists. In conclusion he threatens to prosecute the newspaper.

The editorial board was taken aback after receiving the official. s message, in which the pensioner. s criticism is called . a pack of cynical filthy lies. . The deputy editor-in-chief Sergey Khlibas declared that it was not the first attempt at pressure on the newspaper from the side of the speaker. s team.
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