war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Prosecutions of mass media go on

Evhen Zakharov, Kharkiv
Viktor Rogach, the mayor of the town of Gorlovka, handed the claim to the Central district court to protect his honor and dignity. The claim is directed against the newspaper . Vremia. , which published the interview . Who is guilty?. . The plaintiff was offended by the following fragment of the interview: . As a result of bungling and irresponsibility of the town authorities a lot of money is stolen or expended not for planned purposes. It is accompanied by the cheap populism and phrase-mongering. . The plaintiff demands Hr 100,000 as compensation.

In Chernivtsy Leonid Melnikov, the military prosecutor, handed the libel claim to protect his honor and dignity from the newspaper . Doba. (the compensation of Hr 7000) and from journalist Galina Tarasiuk (the compensation of Hr 3000). Lieutenant colonel Melnikov found that in the article . Deserter. he was insulted by the words: . Human motivation of deserting never interested courts martial and prosecutor. s offices. , as well as by the sentence: . In vein I tried to look into the eyes of the young lieutenant colonel . he never raised his eyes. .

In Kharkiv a libel case started since the newspaper . Advocate plus. blamed the officers of the Kharkiv Directorate of struggle with organized crime in numerous crimes. The case is considered by the local prosecutor. s office. Besides, the Directorate handed a claim for the compensation of moral damage by the newspaper and its founders (the compensation is Hr 600,000, Hr 300,000 to each founder) and by Sergey Ermakov, the author of the article . Action. (the compensation of Hr 50,000). The judge of the Dzerzinski district court, to guarantee the payment, arrested the property of the newspaper founders and the personal property of the author of the article.

The largest compensation . Hr 4,000,000 is demanded by the former Kharkivite and now a well-known businessman Vadim Rabinovich from the newspaper . Tovarishch. , the organ of the socialist party, because of the publication of the article . The Rabinovich phenomenon. . This article with some anti-Semitic allusions affirms that Rabinovich is one of the godfathers of Ukrainian criminals; besides he is actually blamed of the organization of a number of assassinations. One may understand Mr. Rabinovich, who wants to disprove such grave accusations, but the compensation is so large that the newspaper will go bankrupt, if it looses the process.
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