war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Themis defends Onoprienko

V. Kucherenko, Cherkassy
So, the impossible became possible: the Constitutional Court made a royal New-Year gift to the serial murderer Onoprienko (who killed at least 52 persons) and his brothers in spirit by canceling the death penalty in Ukraine, even during a war. Fantastic! So, Onoprienko and other 409 condemned to death will sooner or later be released, because we have not incarceration for life. Maybe they will meet my grandchildren in a dark alley.

According to the information published in the press, six judges voted against this decision. I and many other people wonder what are the names of these six judges and ten their opponents, who demonstrated the state wisdom. They used as a shield a statement of our Constitution that protects human life. This is a known attitude: the sixth Commandment orders: you shall not kill. But it does not say: you shall not kill a killer. On the contrary, the Bible says: who will strike a man so that he will die, the killer shall be killed; or: if someone will plan to kill his neighbor in a sly way, then you shall take him from my altar and lead him to death. And again: eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.

The killed have no hopes, no future and even no past, and for his relatives there remains eternal grief and bitter memory, a photo in the album and a mound on the cemetery.

Now they will also have to feed and to dress the murderers of their dear children, parents or friends. I read a note in the late newspaper ’Vseukrainskiye vedomosti’ of 5 June 1997: ’In Texas a death injection was made to Patrick Roger, who killed a policeman. The verdict was executed at the presence of the victim’s relatives’. I like this kind of democracy.

Those who adopted this anti-people decision are wagging their tails before Europe, the same Europe that we, soldiers of the former Soviet state, lifted from their knees on which they fell before the European fascism. Now our leaders are breathless with pride: we are patted on the head and acknowledged by Europe! We got much from Europe: AIDS, drug addicts, striptease, corruption, mafia, ordered murders, sex maniacs.

I am sure that the question about the capital punishment must be decided only by the people through a referendum.

Taken from the newspaper ’Vechirni Cherkasy’, 20 January
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