war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

The US embassy lost their case to ‘Kyivenergo’

E. Kuzmenko, Kyiv
‘Kyivenergo’ is a powerful energy-distributing empire. Electrons subordinate to this organization enter every flat in the city, about 800 automobiles of the company furrow Kyivan streets. The US embassy is also a powerful organization, but Mr. Maystrenko occupied a compara-tively minor position of a consultant of the political department. These two mighty organizations collided in the Kyivan court because two automobiles collided — one was owned by ‘Kyivenergo’ and another was owned by political consultant Maystrenko. To speak in more details, Maystrenko braked his brand-new ‘Oka’ before a pedestrian crossing, and ‘Volga’ that followed hit the ‘Oka’ in the tale bumper. ‘Volga’ is a stout car and the tiny ‘Oka’ got a broken bumper and wry body. Mr. Maystrenko, although a consultant of the political department, believed in laws, as practiced in the Starokyivskiy district court, where he handed his claim. In the court they did not believe in laws, they began to weigh which of the organizations — ‘Kyivenergo’ or the USA — is more useful and nearer. The general idea of the verdict was evident, so they made such a decision: to con-fiscate Maystrenko’s ‘Oka’ and give it, to compensate the damage, to ‘Kyivenergo’, and the ‘re-maining cost’, i.e. the cost of the wrecked ‘Oka’, must be given to Maystrenko. Juridically the verdict is very original, because no law of the related kind stipulates confiscating anything from the suffered side. Maystrenko directed a cassation, and the city court confirmed the verdict. Now Maystrenko is going to complain to the Strasbourg court on human rights. He hopes that this court respects the USA more than ‘Kyivenergo’.
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