war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

For what a man was killed in Antratsit militia?

O. Svetikov, ’Luganskinform-KVU’
On 10 September 2000 Sergey Lysy, a worker of Antratsit ship repair plant, was detained by militia on suspicion of stealing of metal from the plant territory. After a week of staying in the detention block Sergey was transported to the intense care ward by an ambulance with broken chest, scull base, several ribs, arms and legs. At the same time some road police officers came to Sergey’s wife Liudmila and proposed to bring money to the hospital, since otherwise her husband could die. But medicines that Liudmila Lysy brought to the hospital on the request of a doctor could not help her husband, because the traumas that he got in the detention block were fatal. On 18 September Sergey Lysy died. According to his wife, who took Sergey away from the hospital for burial, his body was mutilated, with broken arms, legs and ribs, with fractured scull. Even under the nails some sharp things were driven in.

The press-service of the Lugansk Department of internal affairs asserts that, staying in the detention block, Sergey had a fit of mental disease and was hitting his head against the wall. But doctors said that it is impossible to break one’s chest in such a way. Another explanation of militia was that Sergey was beaten by his cellmates. So, it is very possible that this time also no measures would be taken in connection with the fact of death of a man detained by militia and not even prosecuted yet.
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