18.09.2020     On refugees

SBU demands that asylum seeker retracts testimony to ECHR about torture in secret SBU prisons

An asylum-seeker from Tajikistan is believed to have been detained by Ukraine’s SBU just days after the European Court of Human Rights sent a letter asking for information about the man’s case, which informs his account of torture at the hands of the SBU | detail

18.09.2020     The right to liberty and security

Donbas militants ‘allowed to torture 500 innocent Ukrainians to death, to find one spy’

48-year-old Serhiy Kuris’ openly expressed pro-Ukrainian position and refusal to sign any ‘confession’ mean that he is in real danger. | detail

18.09.2020     Implementation of European Law

Ukraine takes important step towards punishing for war crimes - 7 years

Almost seven years after Russia began its aggression against Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada has passed, in its first reading, draft bill 2689 enabling punishment for war crimes and crimes against humanity, including crimes that Russia is trying to claim fall under the Minsk Accords’ commitment on an amnesty | detail

17.09.2020     Human Rights Abuses in Russian-occupied Crimea

Acquittal and monstrous sentences in Russia’s offensive against Crimean Tatar civic journalists & activists

f Russia was hoping through the wonderful acquittal of Ernes Ametov to prove that these are real ‘trials’ before independent courts, there is no chance. All eight civic journalists and activists have long been recognized as political prisoners, and all should have been acquitted. | detail

16.09.2020     Prohibition of discrimination

Most Ukrainians say their language is an important aspect of Ukraine’s independence

In all parts of the country, a significant majority said that the leaders of the country and civil servants should speak Ukrainian in working hours, and that most education should be in Ukrainian | detail

16.09.2020     The right to liberty and security

Russian proxy Donbas ‘republic’ threatens to hold hostages until Ukraine agrees to fake elections

The self-proclaimed ‘Donetsk people’s republic’ has made progress on the release of Ukrainian hostages and prisoners of war contingent on Kyiv changing the government’s resolution on local elections from 15 July | detail

15.09.2020     Human Rights Abuses in Russian-occupied Crimea

State honour in Ukraine as Russia prepares horrific sentence against Crimean Solidarity Coordinator

I don’t want my children, my people to live in a country of threats and intimidation; of humiliation and torture; of abductions and illegal arrests; of aggression and repression. I know that everyone is against all of that, against what is happening in Crimea - Server Mustafayev | detail

15.09.2020     Penal institutions

Russian-controlled Luhansk militants ‘re-sentence’ Ukrainian to 15 years for not handing over his business

There are thousands of prisoners still held in occupied Donbas who are desperate to be transferred to government-occupied Ukraine, including Serhiy Movchan who received a new 15-year ‘sentence’ almost certainly because he resisted the militants’ attempt to steal his business | detail

14.09.2020     Human Rights Abuses in Russian-occupied Crimea

Russia uses Ukrainian turncoat & fugitive from justice to seek 146 years’ imprisonment for Crimean Tatar activists

The prosecution’s case is essentially based on the testimony of a Ukrainian turncoat, now working for the Russian FSB; two secret witnesses whose identity and motives for testifying are known and the ‘expert assessments’ of three people with no expert knowledge of the subject. | detail

14.09.2020     Human Rights Violations associated with EuroMaidan

From lawyer for pro-Russia Medvedchuk party to running Maidan cases. Disturbing new top appointment in Ukraine

The appointment of a person associated with notorious pro-Russian politician Viktor Medvedchuk as Deputy Prosecutor General and reports that is to be in charge of Maidan cases seem another slap in the face to the families of slain Maidan victims, one of many over the last year. | detail

11.09.2020     The right to liberty and security

Ukrainian hostage slashes his wrists in protest at Donbas militant torture

Hryhory Sinchenko is in a prison hospital in occupied Donetsk after slashing his wrists, in protest at torture aimed at getting him to give up his lawyer and to sign whatever his Russian-controlled militants demand of him. | detail

11.09.2020     Court practices

Kyiv court orders witness to retract ‘defamatory’ testimony given in Yanukovych trial

In a truly jaw-dropping ruling, the Pechersky District Court in Kyiv has allowed a defamation suit brought by the son of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and ordered that testimony given in Yanukovych’s trial for state treason be retracted. | detail


01.09.2020     Freedom of expression

Russian prosecutor demands 15-21-year sentences against 8 Crimean Tatar civic journalists and activists

A Russian prosecutor has demanded sentences of between 15 and 21 years against eight Crimean Tatar civic journalists and activists, including Crimean Solidarity Coordinator and Amnesty International prisoner of conscience, Server Mustafayev | detail

11.08.2020     Penal institutions

On the readiness of the penitentiary system of Ukraine to counteract the spread of COVID-19

Currently more than 52 000 persons are detained in penitentiary institutions and pre-trial detention centers in Ukraine, according to the information from the Ministry of Justice. Add to this number 28 000 of employees and we will receive the real picture that indicates another risk group that must be kept in sight when we talk about counteracting COVID-19. | detail


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