Havel, Michnik, Marynovych agree to join TVi Editorial Council

21.01.2011 |

Channel TVi reports that “in response to an appeal from the journalist team of TVi for support in the struggle for democratic values and freedom of speech, public figures and well-known journalists, of Ukraine and of the world, have responded. The following have already agreed to become members of the  TVi Editorial Council:

Leonid Kravchuk, First President of Ukraine;

Vaclav Havel,

Myroslav Marynovych, founding member of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group, Head of the Ukrainian branch of the International PEN-club;

Adam Michnik, former political prisoner in Poland, founder of the newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza and, according to the FT, one of the 20 most influential journalists in the world;

Marcin Wojciechowski, correspondent for Gazeta Wyborcza;

Ladislav Snopko, cultural figure, former dissident, ex-Minister of Culture in Slovakia.

“”We have responded to the suggestion from journalists of TVi since we believe it our duty to support freedom of speech and democratic transformation in Ukraine. We are convinced that an independent, honest press is an important prerequisite for economic reform which has recently been so much talked about in Ukraine.

These media outlets should carry out a connecting function between the government and civil society, explaining the essence of reform and pointing out mistakes in how it is being carried out; provide a tribune for both the government and the opposition.  European integration of the country is dependent on the success of Ukrainian reform, and journalists should also become active and effective participants in this integration. We sincerely wish the TVi team success in this, and will be happy to provide the channel’s journalists and the entire Ukrainian journalist community all the necessary support”.

TVi notes that the Ukrainian authorities have ignored the PACE Resolution on the Functioning of Democratic Institutions in Ukraine and the European Parliament Resolution on the situation in Ukraine from 25 November 2010.

PACE expressed concern over the inappropriate participation of the Security Service in domestic political matters and called on the authorities to ensure that juridical procedures did not lead to the selective cancellation of broadcasting frequencies. It also called for a reconsideration of decisions or appointments which could lead to a conflict of interests, especially in the law enforcement and judicial spheres.

The European Parliament also condemned the fact that TVi and Channel 5 had been stripped of broadcasting frequencies and also called for a reconsideration of decisions or appointments which could lead to a conflict of interests.

TVi says that it looks forward to others who care about the fate of independent channels and freedom of speech in Ukraine joining its editorial council.

From the report at TVi

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