Judge declines to explain why Dashkevich’s trial is behind closed doors


The trial of youth leader Zmiter [Dmitry] Dashkevich is taking place behind closed doors. On Monday 30 October the human rights centre “Vyasna” reported that OSCE representatives, as well as several members of embassies had succeed in meeting with Judge Alla Bulosh who failed however to explain why the court was not open. She said that Dashkevich’s lawyer would explain after the trial.

The human rights centre “Vyasna” considers this trial to be a “political judicial farce” and asserts that Dashkevich’s prosecution is a flagrant violation of human rights.

The leader of the organization “Youth Front” Zmiter Dashkevich was taken into custody under Article 193 of the Belarusian Criminal Code (“activities on behalf of an unregistered organization”]. On 21 September he was formally charged.  He has been remanded in custody all this time.

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