Belarusian opposition draws up draft reforms to the Constitution


The Belarusian opposition has prepared a “Small Constitution” – a Draft of constitutional reforms which it plans to send to the Council of Europe’s Venice Commission for its assessment

This was agreed yesterday at a meeting of the political council of united democratic forces, as the leader of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko stated.

Lebedko explained that the Small Constitution “is a draft of changes to the system of political management in Belarus. Its main aim is to ensure that instead of one pillar of power, three emerge – the executive, legislative branch and judiciary”.

He adds that it is not easy to get an expert assessment from the Venice Commission since the Belarusian opposition cannot directly initiate this procedure.  He hopes to hold discussions on this subject at the next session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe taking place next week.

The opposition is also planning to discuss the draft “Small Constitution” within the country.  It is to be considered at the congress of Belarusian democratic forces which is planned for 21-22 April. The text of the draft is on the Internet and they have already received the first feedback.

Anatoly Lebedko stresses that this should spark off discussion about changes to the political system. The “Small Constitution” is part of a program with which the opposition plans to go to the parliamentary elections in 2008.

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